We provide coaching and business consulting services to executives, lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals and their firms.

We are master practitioners and certified in the use of the Energy Leadership Index assessment (ELI®) and use it in our Core Energy Coaching work with clients.

We also offer the Deliberate Living™ coaching system which takes clients on a deep multi-faceted exploration of their personal and professional lives. Some of the key elements of this whole-being/well-being coaching program include the following modules:

  • Having a Purpose™
  • The Body Follows the Brain (Choosing How You Want to Feel)™
  • Getting Out of Your Intellectual Comfort Zone™
  • Social Glue™
  • Permission to Be Human™

Individual & Organizational Workplace Coaching and Consulting

With extensive training in multiple coaching methodologies, we assist organizations in creating a thriving climate where their professionals perform at their best. 

Our business and management consulting practitioners are particularly experienced with creating energetic climates in which individuals are fully engaged and effortlessly managed. 

Our distinctive individual and group coaching & consulting programs include: 

Stress Reduction and Management – Building Resilience 

Employee Productivity

Designing & Implementing Mentorship & Coaching Programs in Organizations

Consulting in Developing Performance Reviews – How Coaching Can Make the Process Better

Managing Difficult People & Situations (Conflict Management)

Executive Leadership Coaching & Consulting 

Developing a Recruiting Brand Based on Company Core Values

Keeping Your Human Capital Assets (Employee Retention)

Corporate Navigation – Learning the Ropes in a Corporation

Management – Employee Communication Issues 

Employee Performance Coaching

Harassment and Respect – Reverse Face Coaching Model

Workplace Relationship Coaching & Consulting (Embracing Kindness & Gratitude as Guiding Principles)

Leadership Style Coaching & Consulting (Capitalizing on Strengths)

Work/Life Balance Coaching & Consulting (How life balance actually makes people more productive)

Coaching & Consulting in the Field of Client & Business Acquisition

Caring for Clients So They Never Leave Coaching & Consulting

Moving Past Your Limiting Beliefs – Get Out of Your Own Way Coaching Program

From Procrastination to Productivity Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting on How Creating A Thriving Organization Dedicated to Employee Well Being Makes Good Business Sense (Erasing the Idea of a Conflict Between Doing Good & Doing Well). 

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